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Friends Only

I've decided to make this journal Friends Only now. If you'd like to read the contents, you have to somehow manage to get me to friend you. You can always try asking, but I can't promise it'll happen.



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I'm still alive

Nothing much to update about. My life is still incredibly boring. I go to dialysis on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If I'm not at dialysis I'm sitting at home with nothing much to do. My cousin got married two weekends ago, and then my uncle died a week ago today. I've been placed on the UNOS organ transplant list to wait for a kidney from anyone that matches O+ blood. My average wait time is five years. I still live at home at the same address I've lived for 90% of my life. I'm still single, and have been for the past ten years. I haven't read or watched anything new except for 'Get Hard' with Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell, which was pretty funny. That's about it. Honestly, I just forgot about LiveJournal and stopped using it. Anyway, I'll be back at some point I suppose.
average joe tshirt

Writer's Block: Practically amazing

If you could have a power that helps you with day-to-day living, like the ability to always get a seat on the bus, what would choose, and why?

Well, since I'm already invisible to most of society, I can't really say invisibility. I'd love to be like Darwin, from the new X-Men movie.

Darwin has the power of "reactive evolution". His body automatically adapts to any situation or environment he is placed in, allowing him to survive possibly anything; the exact nature and limits of his powers have not been revealed. Examples of his powers include: gaining night-vision after a few seconds in the dark; functional gills after being submerged in water; fire-proof skin after being exposed to flame; increasing his own intelligence; converting his body into pure energy; no longer requiring oxygen after being sucked into space; and acquiring comprehension of the Shi'ar language merely by looking at written samples. His power may concern itself with more efficient methods of survival than Darwin himself might choose; for example, instead of continually increasing Darwin's powers when taking punishment from the Hulk, his body simply teleported him away from the fight.

I'd like those powers, or mutations, or whatever you'd like to call them. Then, I could live within society by "reactively evolving" to conform and live.